Polarized Lenses


polarized lenses

What Are Polarized Lenses?

Polarized lenses can save your eyes from the blaring, glaring brightness of the sun.  While all sunglasses are designed to reduce brightness, glare from the sun can still cause eye strain, squinting or even temporary blindness – which can be particularly hazardous while driving a vehicle.  To avoid this, Optical Masters recommends polarized lenses, which provide 100% protection from glare and block 100% of harmful UV rays.  Visible light waves from the sun travel in all directions. When sunlight reflects off a horizontal surface, like a road or water, it often becomes concentrated horizontally. This is known as glare.  Vertical light is useful to the human eye, but glare masks useful light, making it difficult and uncomfortable to see. Polarized lenses block glare and allow only useful vertical light to enter the eye and are especially useful for activities such as driving, skiing and fishing.


5 Benefits of Polarized Lenses

Protecting your eyes from the dangers of the sun and UV rays is done by wearing sunglasses to safeguard your eyes.  But, not all sunglasses are the same.  Polarized lenses are preferred over generic sunglasses because they outperform their non-polarized competition.  Consider these five ways that polarized lenses can benefit you and your eye health:

  • Reduce glare and promote safety
  • Block water reflections for water sports/activities
  • Reduce sun-related eyestrain
  • Boost colors, sharpness, and clarity
  • Protect your eyes from UV Rays



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