Vision Over 60


vision over 60


Vision over 60 requires that you take extra steps to protect your vision and eye health. As you get older, the importance of regular eye exams becomes more essential. Preventing serious vision problems requires paying attention to your diet and to the physical condition of your eyes. Pay attention to how they look and feel. Your body will send you clues when things are not functioning as they should. When you see these clues, don’t delay. Permanent vision problems can occur rapidly when certain red flags are ignored.  Glaucoma and Detached Retina are examples of conditions that require immediate intervention. Educate yourself on the symptoms of common eye conditions and eye diseases so you can know what your body is telling you.


At Risk Categories for Vision Over 60 

Some individuals will need to take extra precautions with their vision over 60 and be more vigilant with eye exams and care if they fall into any of the following categories:

  • Suffer from chronic, systemic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • Have a family history of glaucoma or macular degeneration.
  • Are engaged in job that requires extended use of your eyes or put them at risk
  • Vision-impairing medications. (Medications for anxiety, depression, arthritis, or cholesterol can cause visual side effects)

Eye problems can occur at any age, but vision over 60 tends to have more problems than your earlier years. Pay attention to at risk categories if you meet any of the risk criteria.


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