Eyeglasses and Contacts


Eyeglasses and Contacts


When it comes to eyeglasses and contacts there are more designs, brands, colors, shapes, tints, coatings and technologies involved now than ever before.  To navigate through them all you need someone who knows your eyes, knows you, and knows the products.  Choosing the right pair of eyeglasses isn’t just about the frame and how it looks on your face. Selection starts with your prescription, which guides your choice of lenses and the frame styles best suited to your lens types. Ultimately, your prescription will help you narrow down the options for you from our great selection of glasses available. Then of course, it’s about finding the right pair of glasses to match your style and your budget.

Most prescriptions are compatible with all frames, but complex or high index prescriptions can sometimes limit your style choice. This is why our professional opticians provide you with expert advice to match your prescription, face shape and frame. This means you’ll leave with the perfect pair of glasses for you. We always recommend coming to see us, where we can spend time finding your ideal pair.

Headaches, eye fatigue/strain and nausea can result from wearing glasses that are too far off from your actual prescription .  Glasses that have optical centers too removed from the center of your pupils can also cause symptoms. Optical Master’s eye doctors help you avoid these issues by giving you prescription, rather than “ready-made” glasses and reading glasses so you can get the results you need.  We offer our customers eyeglasses that fit the following categories:

  • Men’s Glasses
  • Women’s Glasses
  • Children’s Glasses
  • Reading Glasses


Contact LensesContact Lenses

  • Daily Disposables. Daily disposables are used to correct short or long sightedness. They’re the healthiest and most convenient way to wear contact lenses. They give you a fresh, clear lens every day, with no need for solutions. They’re ideal for when you don’t want to wear glasses – either occasionally, part-time or every day.
  • Reusables. Reusable contact lenses are used to correct short or long sightedness. They’re for daily wear, but rather than dispose of them at the end of the day you clean, then store them in a contact lens case until you wear them again. Some of these contact lenses can also be slept in. They’re ideal if you are looking for the most economical lenses. They should be replaced every two or four weeks with a new pair.
  • Astigmatic. Astigmatism is a common condition that affects many people – children as well as adults. It is caused by the shape of your eye and results in blurry or distorted vision at all distances, varying with the strength of the astigmatism. Astigmatic contact lenses are specially designed to fit the shape of astigmatic eyes. They are available as daily or reusable contact lenses.
  • Multifocal. As you get older presbyopia is a condition that affects almost everyone. The lens of your eye becomes less flexible making it harder to adjust your focus from far to near objects, this makes reading more difficult. We have the technology in multifocal contact lenses that allow you to see both near and far.


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Eyeglasses and contacts can restore your vision to 20/20 standards so you can live the quality of life you enjoy and want.  Knowing which eyeglasses and contacts would work best for you, your looks, your life, and your needs can feel overwhelming if you are trying to make those decisions on your own.  When it comes to eyewear, Optical Masters is here to help you succeed with both your look and your results.  Located at two convenient Denver locations–King Soopers Shopping Center off of South Monaco Parkway in Denver and at the Brentwood Shopping Center on Federal Boulevard–Optical Masters can offer you top-rate eye care services and help you with your eye health goals.

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