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Daily Disposables - Contact Lenses


One of the most common types of contact lenses on the market today are the daily disposables. Daily disposables are used to correct short or long sightedness. They’re the healthiest and most convenient way to wear contact lenses. They give you a fresh, clear lens every day, with no need for solutions. They’re ideal for when you don’t want to wear glasses – either occasionally, part-time or every day.


How Are Daily Disposables Different from Other Contact Lenses?

Daily disposables are contact lenses that you use for only one day.  You put in a new pair in the morning and before you go to bed you throw them away.  Daily disposables were created to provide a product that could help ensure the health of your eye.  Research has shown that the more often you are able to replace contact lenses, the healthier your eye will be.


The Health Benefits of Daily Disposables

So, why do some feel the need to put in a fresh pair of contacts each day? Calcium, lipids, protein and other substances that are housed in your tears can accumulate on your lenses. These deposits do two things: 1) make your eye more susceptible to infection; and 2) make your contacts less comfortable to wear. The daily disposable solves these problems because they are only worn for one day. Taking steps to safeguard your eye health can help ensure they provide you with optimum vision throughout your life.


The Convenience of Daily Disposables

Many people turn to daily disposables because they don’t require cleaning. Most of the build-up that accumulates on your lenses during the day can be removed through the cleaning process, but cleaning does not eliminate all the deposits and just isn’t 100% reliable. Customers also enjoy having many sets of lenses so they don’t have to worry about what to do if they lose a pair.


Am I a Candidate for Daily Disposables?

Most people will be a candidate for daily disposables. An eye care professional at our Optical Master’s offices in Denver can examine you and tell you for sure.  There are three main factors involved in determining if this lens is right for you:

  • Your prescription needs
  • Your eye tolerance of the lens material
  • Your budget, goals and lifestyle



During your examination, we can determine if your eye prescription is within the range needed for daily disposables or if you will need to turn to an alternative lens. Daily disposables are made to accommodate standard, single vision needs as well as multifocal (to treat presbyopia), and astigmatic designs. Daily disposables are also made in various colors so if you are wanting to enhance your current eye color or opt for a different one, you can!



Not all contact lenses are made of the same material. Contact lenses are designed with the length of wear in mind.  Since daily disposables are designed for frequent changing, the lens material will be different.  Really, it comes down to brand.  Some of the daily disposables made today are made from the same material as traditional lenses, but some are made from materials specifically fabricated for disposability. The only way you will truly know if your eye will tolerate a lens material is by wearing them and trying them out. You shouldn’t notice that contact lenses are in your eyes when you wear them. Contacts that are constantly notifying you of their presence through sensations or discomfort may not be the lenses for you. Your eye care professional at Optical Masters can help you determine what is causing your discomfort.

Factors that can influence the way a lens feels in your eye include: a poor fit, they are inside out, environmental allergens, a foreign body in the eye, dry eyes (that don’t offer the contact enough lubrication for comfort), or an eye sensitivity to the contact material.  Don’t worry, if any of these symptoms affect you, we will work with you to make sure you find a lens that is comfortable for you to use and effective.



Daily disposables do come at a slightly higher cost than other contact lens options, however, the overall price of the lenses compared to traditional lenses may be closer than you think when you factor in the cost of cleaning products for lenses that you replace less frequently. Many feel the convenience of daily disposables, and the peace of mind they provide that you are keeping your eye free from contact build-up, is worth the slightly higher price.


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