Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-Reflective Coating

anti reflective coating

Improve the Appearance of Your Glasses and Your Vision

Anti-reflective coating improves the appearance of your eyeglasses and sharpens your vision through state-of-the-art vision technology. The curved surface of glasses lenses, along with the materials they are made from, cause reflections. In fact, you can lose around 10% of light through reflections on lenses. These reflections can be distracting and appear unattractive.

Eliminate Distractions in Your Vision

An anti-reflective coating allows for clearer vision by reducing reflections, allowing 99.8% of the light through the lens and ensuring distractions to your vision are minimal. Your glasses’ appearance is also improved, as others can see your eyes rather than reflections of light.

Reduce Eye Strain

The advantages of anti-reflective coating on lenses include: less glare when driving in low light or with high-beams pointed in your face, and improved, clearer vision, more comfort, and extended computer use. By doing this, you can reduce the symptoms of eye strain that are commonly related with extensive screen use, or jobs that require intense use of your near vision.

Water-Repellency Keeps Lenses Cleaner Longer

At Optical Masters, all our anti-reflection lenses include the latest technological development – a super-hydrophobic coating, which can now make your lenses resistant to condensation, water-repellent and easier to clean.

Call for a Consultation

If you are interested in improving your vision and your daily experience with your glasses, consider the power of anti-reflective coating. Visiting one of our Denver locations is your first step. Our experienced and friendly staff can help you narrow down your options and find the product that will help you achieve the optimum vision and optimum comfort. Located at two convenient Denver locations–King Soopers Shopping Center off of South Monaco Parkway in Denver and at the Brentwood Shopping Center on Federal Boulevard – Optical Masters can offer you top-rate eye care services and help you with your eye health goals.

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