Single Vision Lenses


Single Vision Lenses


What Are Single Vision Lenses?

Single vision lenses have one single prescription across their entire surface and are suitable in all scenarios, whether you need your glasses for driving, working or reading.  Optical Masters also offers the latest innovations in single vision lenses from Pentax. Pentax single vision lenses are tailor-made for your unique measurements. These individual lenses offer the widest fields of view, clear vision to the very edge of the lens, superb contrast and color definition as well as the Anti-Reflective Coating on the lenses.  In addition, individual lenses can be made to most prescriptions and are available with all lens enhancements – such as Thin & Light, Transitions or Tinted.


Learn About Your Multifocal Options

If you need to wear glasses for both distance and near vision, you could wear separate pairs of single vision glasses dedicated to each task. However, the preferable option would be to consider the benefits of Multifocals. How your lens works depends on what your focal needs are.  Some multifocal lenses are designed with bifocal elements– two distinct lens powers that accommodate for distance vision and near. Others have a multifocal design similar to progressive eyeglass lenses, that have a gradual lens power change to support a more natural visual transition from distance to close-up.


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If you are interested in single vision lenses to correct vision errors, but don’t know where to start, visiting one of our Denver locations is your first step.  Our experienced and friendly staff can help you narrow down your options and find the product that will help you achieve optimum vision and optimum comfort.  Located at two convenient Denver locations–King Soopers Shopping Center off of South Monaco Parkway in Denver and at the Brentwood Shopping Center on Federal Boulevard–Optical Masters can offer you top-rate eye care services and help you with your eye health goals.

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