7 Tips to Help Prevent Glaucoma

7 Tips to Help Prevent Glaucoma

7 Tips to Help Prevent Glaucoma

7 Tips to Help Prevent Glaucoma

7 Tips to Help Prevent Glaucoma

It’s important to consider keeping your eyes in tip-top-shape when evaluating your overall health. Aging eyes can often bring decreased vision, cataracts, dry eyes, and glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease that damages your eyes optic nerves caused by increased pressure in your eye. It’s important to take preventive action now so that your eyes are healthy in the future. To help, here are seven helpful tips to help prevent glaucoma.

Tip #1 Take your Vitamins

Vitamins rich in antioxidants are key in preventing and treating glaucoma. Supplements like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Zinc are great sources of nutrients that may be missing from your diet that could improve circulation and overall eye health. Vitamin C can be found in citrus rich foods, Vitamin A is often found in eggs, broccoli, and grapefruit. While Zinc is found in a lot of lean meats, oysters and peanuts.

Tip #2 Exercise Regularly

Exercise has been proven to reduce the risk of developing Glaucoma as well as many other eye-related diseases. It’s a no brainer that exercise is good for you, but when you exercise regularly your blood pressure is often lowered. With blood pressure lowered, there is less strain on your eyes, resulting in a reduced risk of Glaucoma or any other circulatory issues. Exercising also reduces your risk of diabetes, which has been linked to glaucoma as well as other eye issues.

Tip #3 Stop Smoking

A recent study showed that smokers have increased risk of developing eye-related diseases and issues such as Glaucoma as opposed to any non-smoker living a similar lifestyle. Quit smoking today and save your eyes from damage. Quitting smoking will also improve many other aspects of your health, so it isn’t a bad idea to quit today!

Tip #4 Avoid Trans Fats

It’s no secret that trans fats are not the best thing you can consume. Trans fats cause higher cholesterol levels and then damage blood vessels. There are many blood vessels that work behind the eyeball, and when those aren’t functioning properly, your eye health will decrease. Avoiding trans fats is not only good for eye health but overall body health and wellness.

Tip #5 Consume More Fish

Yes, fishing is also good for your health too! Fish are rich in Omega-3 which is very beneficial to overall eye health. Omega-3 assists in proper drainage of fluid from the eye, decreasing pressure. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are also found in nuts and some plant-based food. So when you are prepping your next meal, consider incorporating these items for healthier eyes now and in the future!

Tip #6 Limit Caffeine

Consuming too much caffeine may seem like a morning essential now, but studies have shown that caffeine consumption can increase your chances of developing Glaucoma. Caffeine causes pressure behind the eyes and decreases circulation. Increased eye pressure over time can result in Glaucoma and several other eye issues. Some caffeine is fine in moderation, but anything over 2 cups of coffee a day could increase your risk of developing the disease.

Tip #7 Use Essential Oils

Time to stock up on your oils! According to studies, certain essential oils can help prevent Glaucoma by improving overall eye health. Apply essential oils like Sweet Orange and Cypress under the eyes and on the cheeks to increase circulation and decrease pressure in the eye. Remember, it’s very important to avoid getting the essential oil directly in your eye. You can also purchase a diffuser that will fill the air with properties that may help improve your eye health in the long run.

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