Can Kids Wear Contact Lenses?

Can Kids Wear Contact Lenses?

Can Kids Wear Contact Lenses?

Can Kids Wear Contact Lenses?

Can Kids Wear Contact Lenses?

Eyeglasses are an effective option for correcting or managing refractive errors such as farsightedness and nearsightedness. However, some people, especially kids, do not like eyeglasses. They find them to be uncool and burdensome. If your child is asking for contact lenses, you might be wondering whether they are safe for kids. 

Things to Consider If Your Child Wants Contact Lenses

There are benefits and risks to consider. At first glance, contact lenses may not seem to be safe for children. However, in most cases, they are a perfect match. That said, it depends on how responsible and mature your child is. If not used responsibly, safely, and under the supervision of an eye doctor, contact lenses can cause serious eye injury. 

According to the FDA, certain contact lenses are medical devices. This means that they provide benefits. Since they do not break as eyeglass lenses and frames do, they are ideal for sports activities. In some cases, they improve the quality of vision better than eyeglasses, especially for severely nearsighted kids. 

How Old Is Old Enough?

Are you wondering whether your little one is old enough to wear contact lenses? Nowadays, contact lens care is more convenient and easier than ever before. This is why contact lenses are becoming a good option for many kids. 

There are no set rules on age and contact lens use. It depends on how much parental support children need and how responsible they are. Some kids as young as eight years old may benefit from contact lenses. 

That being said, some teenagers may not be responsible enough to use contact lenses safely. Most eye doctors will not recommend contact lenses for kids younger than 12 years of age. In younger kids, the risks of using contact lenses often outweigh the potential benefits.

Sports Contact Lenses

If your child is active in sports, contacts will provide several advantages over eyeglasses. Even if the eyeglasses have impact-resistant lenses, the frames might still break, which can cause an eye injury. Also, the lenses for safety glasses and sports glasses can fog up, affecting your child’s vision and performance. 

Contact lenses for sports eliminate these issues and offer other benefits as well. These benefits include better peripheral vision and an unobstructed view of the field. This will allow your little one to react faster. Also, contact lenses will not slip off when your child is running. 


In addition to controlling and slowing the progression of myopia in kids, contact lenses can help improve their self-esteem. Many kids do not like the way they look in eyeglasses. They feel self-conscious in glasses. Contact lenses can help such kids feel better about their appearance, which will boost their self-confidence.

If you are wondering whether your child is ready for contact lenses, it is important to understand that they are medical devices. Therefore, people, including kids, need to use them safely, responsibly, and under the supervision of an eye care specialist.

To determine whether contact lenses are safe for your child, visit Optical Masters at any of our two offices in Denver, Colorado. You can call 720-807-7300 or 720-807-7600 today to book an appointment.

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