Contact Lenses: What Are My Options?

Contact Lenses: What Are My Options?

Contact Lenses: What Are My Options?

Contact Lenses: What Are My Options?

Contact Lenses: What Are My Options?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 40.9 million Americans over 18 wear contact lenses. Even children can trade in their glasses for a pair of lenses. In the past few decades, contact lenses have become highly versatile and there are many options available to the wearers. At Optical Masters, we offer options such as daily disposable lenses, reusable lenses, astigmatic lenses for those with astigmatism, and multifocal lenses. We also have many colors to choose from if you want a change of eye color. The benefits of contacts go a long way, such as clear vision without a change of appearance and being able to participate in sports and activities without the worry of glasses interfering. Contact lenses are even considered to be medical devices by the FDA as they contribute to a person’s health and wellness and treat vision problems. If you are looking to trade in your glasses for a valuable lens upgrade or simply want a change, contact Optical Masters today for your contact lens consultation. Clearer vision is just a call away!

Contact Lenses

Did you know that contact lenses are considered medical devices? Basically any technology or appliance that helps with overall health and wellness can be considered a medical device, and contact lenses are no exception. The eyes are one of our most valuable assets, as most of what we learn, think and do is based on what we interpret from the world around us. Without proper vision, how are we to interact with our environment? Glasses were revolutionary for improved vision in the 13th century. They were corrective lenses mounted in frames. In our modern world though, we have corrective lenses that we can wear discreetly in our actual eyes, and what a difference those lenses have made to millions! The CDC reports that 40.9 million Americans wear contact lenses. That’s millions of Americans that see the value in optimal vision. ⅔ of those consist of females and the average lens wearer is around 31 years old.

Contact Lenses Improve Perception

If you think only adults wear contact lenses, think again! Lenses are becoming quite a valuable commodity for teens and even children. Many adolescents report that their confidence and feelings about themselves are dramatically better with contact lenses as compared to glasses. In CDC studies, children and teens with contact lenses saw an improvement in their ability to focus their eyesight and saw positive changes in how they were perceived by peers, the participation they took in activities and the high level of satisfaction lenses gave them. And that’s just the younger generation! For adults, the benefits of contact lenses are vast, and so are the options.

The versatility of Contact Lenses

The versatility of contact lenses paired with the individual needs of each patient has allowed lenses to be made so that you have options when it comes to your vision. Our own practice offers lenses as daily disposables, reusable contact lenses, astigmatic lenses, multifocal contact lenses and of course colored lenses in many of our aforementioned styles.

Daily Disposables

These lenses are to be used once and then thrown away. The wearer will receive a new set of lenses for each new day, making the need for contact solution obsolete. We have found that daily disposable lenses are actually one of the healthiest ways to wear contacts because of their cleanliness. They are a one-time use option that never has the time to build up proteins from the eye or get old over time. They are a valuable option for those who don’t want to worry about always having a solution with them or a carrying case.

Reusable Contact Lenses

These are some of the most common types of lenses, as they are used for daily wear but are worn more than once. Many patients receive a pack of lenses that will last them for 6, 12, 18 or 24 months. Each pair of lenses is worn anywhere from 2-4 weeks at a time. Most will need to be removed at night and soaked in a cleaning solution so they are ready to wear the following day. There are options, however, to receive lenses that can be slept in and used for a month at a time before a new pair is opened. This is our most economical lens and one of the best values when it comes to their wear and durability.


Millions of patients have astigmatism. The shape of the cornea is abnormal, causing vision to be blurry instead of clear. Astigmatic lenses are specifically for patients with diagnosed astigmatism and can make a world of a difference for the wearer. Without lenses, vision is blurry and distorted no matter the distance, but with special astigmatic lenses, a person can see clearly. The lenses are specifically designed to fit the shape of each eye that is astigmatic. These lenses are available in both the daily and reusable contact lens options.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Ever heard of multifocal glasses? You may have seen an older adult wearing multifocal glasses at one point or another. We provide our patients with multifocal contact lenses that give the same benefits of clearer vision. Presbyopia (or farsightedness that comes with age) is something that affects millions of people. The lens of your eye becomes less flexible as you age, making it harder for your eyes to focus either at a distance or up close. These lenses will renew your ability to see both far and near and everywhere in between.

As always, remember that you can receive your lenses in different colors to change the natural color of your eye or enhance the color you already have. Contact lenses are a valuable tool for clearer vision, but they can also be that much more fun with an added pop of color. We have many lens options to choose from to suit your needs. For top-quality optical care and your set of lenses, call Optical Masters today at (720) 807-7600 for your consultation. Let’s find a lens that’s perfect for you!

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