New Eyewear Style Trends for the Fall Season

New Eyewear Style Trends for the Fall Season

New Eyewear Style Trends for the Fall Season

New Eyewear Style Trends for the Fall Season

New Eyewear Style Trends for the Fall Season

The fall season is here, and nothing spells fashion like its stylish trends, including eyewear. Just like clothing, eyewear is very personal, perhaps the most expressive thing a person can wear.

If you want to express your personality, vibe, and style while staying on top of the newest styles, you have come to the proper place. Here, you will find a sneak peek of eyewear trends that will help you rock this season.


Eyewear Fit for the Shape of Your Face

Before diving into the newest style trends, it is important to know which glasses suit the shape of your face well.

  • Heart: A heart-shaped face works fantastic with round and oval frames. Avoid thick and oversized frames because they will not serve your facial features.
  • Oval: Wide, oversized, and square frames work best for a long, rounded face to add balance and definition.
  • Round: Round faces are best suited to angular frames for pop and statement-making look.
  • Square: Rounded frames are particularly ideal for a square face shape to soften sharp facial aspects.


What’s Trending?

As far as stylish eyewear for the fall season goes, here are some trends you will see everywhere this fall.


Wood Frames

Wood frames are becoming increasingly popular these days. For some folks, wood frames are the best alternative to metal and plastic frames. A well-fashioned wood frame is elegant, modest, and flattering, especially when matched with earth-tone lenses.


Tinted Lenses

As you go out looking for the perfect frames, do not forget the lenses. Tinted shades of red, yellow, and orange are a fantastic choice for fall if you want to go funky with colors. Stay away from anything bright and bold until next summer!


Gold Circle Eyewear

Circle frames never go out of style, and they have remained in fashion since the 1920s. This fall, the frames and lenses are coming in gold to bring a little shine into this timeless trend.


Futuristic Eyewear

Futuristic eyewear trends are here, and they are taking people’s looks into the future. This sci-fi-inspired trend has made a return from the 90s, leaving room for people to be as audacious as they dare.


Earth Tone Frames

Earth tone hues are everywhere, and they are so fitting because they echo the natural color of the soil. Hence, different shades of gray and brown are ideal for fall eyewear. Besides, reds, oranges, and other fall colors in the earth tone group are doing well, giving people various color options to add to their eyewear collections.


Butterfly Eyeglass Frames

Purple frames and lenses are trending this fall, and the butterfly model fits the bill. Playful yet urbane, butterfly eyeglasses come with frames shaped like a butterfly. The frames of this simple, oversized eyewear are large but gently winged out to suit various face shapes.

To learn more about new eyewear style trends for the fall season, visit Optical Masters at our offices in Denver, Colorado. You can call (720) 807-7300 or (720) 807-7600 today to schedule an appointment.

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