Should I Get Daily or Monthly Contacts?

Should I Get Daily or Monthly Contacts?

Should I Get Daily or Monthly Contacts?

Should I Get Daily or Monthly Contacts?

Should I Get Daily or Monthly Contacts?

Contact lenses are more convenient than eyeglasses. You do not need to worry about getting your field of vision obstructed by eyeglass frames. They cannot fog up due to changes in temperature or fall because of constant movements. You can feel a lot more confident about yourself with contact lenses on. However, most contact lens wearers wonder whether to get daily or monthly contacts.


What Are Daily Contacts?


Daily contact lenses are single-use disposable contacts. You can dispose of them after a day’s use, so you start every day with a fresh pair. It is essential to note that daily contacts are different from disposable ones, which you wear for more than a day before you throw them away.


What Are Monthly Contacts?


Monthly contacts are contact lenses that you wear for 30 days or an entire month. Like all other contact lenses, you will remove them every night before sleep.


Similarities and Differences of Daily and Monthly Contacts


Daily contact lenses can cause discomfort and eye complications if you wear them more than once. Hence, it is ideal that you wear a fresh pair every morning when you wake up. Monthly contacts can serve you a long time. You should remove them before bed and ensure you use contact lens solution to clean them thoroughly regularly. Have a storage case to keep them between your uses.


One main similarity between daily and monthly contact lenses is that they are not rigid gas permeable contact lenses. They are both soft contact lenses. RGP contacts are firm plastic shells that effectively improve vision. Soft contact lenses cannot correct all vision issues you may have.


What to Consider


Below are some factors to consider when you want to choose between daily or monthly contact lenses:


  • Convenience - Your lifestyle and preference should be the best foundation to help you choose your contact lenses. Some people prefer daily contact because they do not have the time to clean and maintain good hygiene of their lenses due to their busy schedules.

  • Allergies - Individuals who suffer from allergies are best suited to wear daily contact lenses to avoid buildup on their contacts.

  • Eye Health - Your eye doctor can help you know the right contact lenses for your eye health. A specialist can communicate their concerns based on different contacts to help you prioritize your eye health.

  • Compliance - Individuals who wear daily contact lenses have a lower risk of developing eye infections. There is no need for disinfecting or storing these lenses as you only wear them once.

  • Cost - Daily contact lenses cost more than monthly contacts. However, other expenses for monthly contacts, such as cleaning solutions and storage cases, can increase the price.

What You Should Get


There are various factors to consider before deciding between daily or monthly contact lenses. However, if both can help you achieve a clear vision, the final decision should be yours. Understanding both options is ideal so you can choose the best product. You can involve your eye doctor in making this decision.


For more about contact lenses, visit Optical Masters at our offices in Denver, Colorado. You can call (720) 807-7300 or (720) 807-7600 to book an appointment today.

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