How Do Sports Glasses Differ From Regular Glasses?

How Do Sports Glasses Differ From Regular Glasses?

How Do Sports Glasses Differ From Regular Glasses?

How Do Sports Glasses Differ From Regular Glasses?

How Do Sports Glasses Differ From Regular Glasses?

Most eye-related injuries happen when playing sports. Therefore, wearing your regular glasses while playing sports can be dangerous. The lenses of regular glasses can shatter and cause wounds to your eyes.

Sports glasses have specific features that make them safer than regular eyeglasses—especially when engaging in physical activity and sports. These features lower the risk of eye injuries while enhancing your sports performance. Here is a look at the features that make sports glasses differ from regular ones.


Prevention of Eye Injuries

Sports lenses contain polycarbonate. It is an impact-resistant lens material that protects your eyes from fast-moving objects. The material is shatterproof and ten times sturdier than the lenses in regular glasses. It is softer but more resistant to impact.

They also have built-in 100-percent ultraviolet protection that protects your eyes from UV rays. UV protection is a valuable feature for outdoor sports.



Sports lenses are scratch-resistant. Without this capability, the lenses would get scratches that can interfere with your vision. Hence, all sports glasses have a scratch-resistant coating that adds durability to the lenses.


Sturdy Frames

The eyewear frame makes a vital contribution to the sturdiness of sports glasses. They have high impact-resistant plastic or polycarbonate. Thus, they cannot break easily on impact.


Secure Fit

There is no one-size-fits-all for sports glasses. They should be stable and a snug fit. Parents should resist the urge to buy large glasses for their children to use as they grow. Large, oversized glasses will not adequately protect the eyes. Neither will small sports glasses. They will distort your peripheral vision.

Get the right fit of glasses that will improve and not compromise your performance. They also have rubber padding at every point that touches your face, making them comfortable to wear. It also ensures that they do not slip easily from your face and are a good fit. Assess the fit every year.


Different Frames for Different Sports


In addition to the features above, there are different types of frames for various sports. It has led to the development of sport-specific eye frames. Some frames wrap around your face and over-molded temples. These add stability during movement.

Depending on the sport, the glasses can have different lens colors. They can also fit the entire eye socket, wraparound, or temple pieces. Choose the right frames for your favorite sport.


Prescription Lenses

The most important thing is to make sure you can see. Thus, sports glasses should fit your eyeglass prescription. With the right pair of sports glasses, you will not have to sacrifice your vision. To ensure you do not forfeit your sight, book an appointment with your eye doctor at Optical Masters. Make sure that your sports glasses fit and have the right prescription.



Protective sports glasses prevent 90 percent of sports-related eye injuries. So, they are not an option but a necessity. It will maximize your performance and enjoyment. Choosing the right pair of sports glasses can make a big difference. Hence, make sure you take your time and make the right choice.

For more information on how sports glasses differ from regular glasses, visit Optical Masters at our office in Monaco or Federal, Colorado. You can call (720) 807-7300 or (720) 807-7600 today to schedule an appointment.

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