How to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

How to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

How to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

How to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

How to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

When summer rolls in, people put away their heavy clothing and footwear and replace them with summer clothing and sunscreen. People tend to spend a lot more time outdoors during the summer season. In addition to caring for your skin this summer, you need to take care of your eyes. 

Eye conditions and injuries can happen at any time. During the summer, however, hazards to your eyes and vision lurk around every corner. Complete with outdoor activities, sand, and the sun, this season can pose particular challenges and risks. 

Fortunately, you can protect your eyes this summer by doing a few simple things. You need to protect your eyes from both short-term pain and possible long-term complications. The following preventative care tips can go a very long way.

Wear Sun Protection

You need to purchase a good pair of sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat to protect your eyes. According to eye doctors, each summer, many people go to the ER with burned corneas. It is surprising how many people go to the beach, concerts, and other types of outdoor events without wearing sunglasses and a visor cap. 

Some even lie on their shiny cars, which is like being in a tanning booth. When they go home at the end of the day and go to sleep, many of them wake up in a short while in excruciating pain. You will see some crying all the way to the emergency room. 

The sun emits different types of rays, but the most damaging are UVA and UVB rays. Most decent sunglasses will protect your eyes against UVB. If you are looking for those that protect against UVA as well, it should say so on their frames. They should be wraparound or close to the face.

You can get glasses with a dark tint if you want to; however, this will not make any difference on the UV-blocking coating. This is because it is the same in any color. If you like to work outside in the summer, you will find polarized lenses more comfortable since they block glare. 

Wear Professional-Quality Goggles While Doing Summer Home Projects

You will often see an adult mowing or weed whacking while the little one is playing nearby. Both the adult and kid should be wearing serious eye protection. The adult is high up and behind the mower. A flying rock could still hit him or her. However, it is more likely to go sideways and hit junior who is lower to the ground. 

Eye protection, in this case, does not mean sunglasses or reading glasses. It means serious eye protection from a home supply store. Doctors often see patients with corneal lacerations from yard work every summer. Such injuries require surgery to fix. 

Other Tips to Protect Your Eyes This Summer

  • Protect your eyes during sports.

  • Wear swimming goggles, whether at a backyard pool or the beach.

  • Remove your contact lenses before you get in the water.

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes and wash your hands regularly.

  • See an eye doctor immediately in case you experience an eye problem this summer.


To learn how to protect your eyes this summer, visit Optical Masters at our offices in Denver, Colorado. You can also call (720) 807-7300 or (720) 807-7600 today to schedule an appointment.

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