What Are Sports Lenses/Sunglasses?

What Are Sports Lenses/Sunglasses?

What Are Sports Lenses/Sunglasses?

What Are Sports Lenses/Sunglasses?

What Are Sports Lenses/Sunglasses?

Sports lenses or sunglasses are performance eyewear. They have specific features and functions to protect your eye and vision while increasing your performance. You can get the most out of a good pair, especially if you love sporting activities. Read on to learn more.


Who Is Suitable for Sports Lenses/Sunglasses?


Choosing the right sports lenses or sunglasses is a personal matter. The demands made by the pair you need depend on the type of sport you play. The “one size fits all” notion does not apply to sports lenses. You can find the perfect pair if you work together with your eye doctor.


What to Consider to Get a Good Pair of Sports Lenses/Sunglasses


Consider the following factors before you get a pair of sports lenses or sunglasses:


  • Comfort - Sports lenses or sunglasses must stay put for the best performance. If your glasses begin sliding off your face once you become active, you may not succeed at the sport. Therefore, get yourself lightweight frames. 

  •  UV blocking - Ultraviolet light blocking sports lenses is necessary. Keep your eyes protected to increase your performance while outdoors.

  • Style - Street-appropriate sports sunglasses to seamlessly transition from different environments.

  • Anti-fog aspect - A ventilated design or special lens coating for when you sweat a lot.

  • Photochromatic lenses - The sunglasses or lenses automatically darken when exposed to sunlight.

  • Antireflective - Enhance your surrounding with increased contrast.


Benefits of Sports Lenses/Sunglasses


Sports lenses or sunglasses have different functions for your eyes and the sport you play. Your contrast perception improves due to the tint the lenses have. Thus, you can see things even in poor lighting.


For example, cyclists see bumps on the road quicker than they would without the lenses. The right tint on ski goggles will help navigate the snow-covered terrains due to the brightness reduction. It will also not limit your depth perception. The lenses help you get the right lay of the land.


Sports lenses or sunglasses also offer visual comfort due to glare protection. They give a clear vision of places such as high in the mountains with low reflection. The glare protection is also ideal for comfortable sight outdoors in bright sunlight, such as on the slopes or on a golf course.


Sports sunglasses or lenses that offer protection from UV radiation are ideal for eye health. UV exposure at ground level can reach 75 percent on sunny and cloudy days. Hence, these lenses are best for their comprehensive protection from harmful UV rays from the sun.


Fitting Considerations


A proper fit is ideal for sports eyewear. The temptation to get larger frames is high for younger people due to the thought that they still have room to grow into the eyewear. However, these sports glasses or lenses are flexible with adjustable width. Oversized frames may not offer you the protection they should. They increase the risk of damage in case of impact to your face or head.


Begin With an Eye Exam 


Before you get your sports lenses, you should see your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye examination. The slightest change in your prescription can improve your vision and performance as you enjoy the sport you love.


After your eye exam, ask your specialist to recommend the best sports sunglasses to suit your activity or sport.


For more about sports lenses or to book a visit, call Optical Masters at (720) 807-7300 or (720) 807-7600 to reach our offices in Denver, Colorado. 

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