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Designer Eyewear That Doesn’t Break the Bank

It’s not unusual to need prescription lenses to see clearly. Estimates from the Vision Council of America suggest that around 75% of adults use some sort of vision correction, with 64% of this statistic comprising of people who wear glasses.

How to Find the Best Optometrist Nearest You

The National Eye Institute values the importance of having an accessible optometrist in Denver if you live and work in the area. Having an optometrist you can go to within minutes can help you to get an accurate eye exam in Denver and the right prescription eyewear anytime. To book an eye exam at a clinic near you, like Optical Masters, is extremely convenient especially if you have a busy schedule. If you want effective ways to find an optometrist nearest you, here’s what you need to know.

How to Find the Right Contact Lenses for Me

People get contact lenses for different reasons. For some people, eye contacts are a cosmetic choice, while for others, they are lifesavers. If you find the right contact lenses, they immediately improve your quality of life. Choosing the right contacts is important. The right choice depends on a variety of things.

The Sun and Your Eyes: Protect Those Eyes

According to the Clinical Ophthalmology Journal, ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage your immune system, skin, and eyes. UV rays modify proteins and oxidize lipids.

Sun Protection Before the Summer Hits

Eye experts are always reminding us of the importance of protecting our eyes from the sun even before summer arrives. Especially from the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun that can cause significant damage to your eyesight. Pterygium, cataracts, photokeratitis, pinguecula, and macular degeneration are the most common eye disorders that develop from excessive sun exposure. Summer is coming and here are the ways you could protect your eyes from sun damage even before you have fun in the sun.

Contact Lens Health Starts With You

Experts recommend wearing contact lenses as one of the effective ways to improve your vision without surgery. According to studies, at least 45 million people in the United States prefer contact lenses. If you are wearing contact lenses, you should know how to care for them properly. Research shows that if you provide optimal care to your contact lenses, you can lower your risk of acquiring an eye infection. Here are some effective ways of maintaining contact lens health every day.

2020 Eyewear Trends

A pair of new glasses is the fastest way to update your style. If you love fashion, then having glasses is a great way to keep up with the trends. Whether you wear the frames plain or with prescription lenses, glasses are an eye-catching way to make a statement. The year 2020 has brought many changes in fashion, and glasses are no different. Whether you love bold frames or like something subtler, you can find something you are looking for.

Eyeglass Frames That Flatter Every Style

With a million different frame options out there, it can be difficult to find the pair that fits your unique style. When walking into an optometrist office, they may try to sell you on the most expensive designer frames, when they really don't suit you. Trends come and go, and some frames go out of style faster than you can say "fashionista." Read on below about these three frames are sure to flatter your personal style all day everyday.

Technology And It's Impact On EyeCare

The world is ever changing, and so are the advancements in technology. There are many kinds of disruptive technologies in the marketplace right now that are changing the way eye care is delivered to the public.

The 3 Best Sunglasses For A Festival Season Look

Festival season is upon us, which means the latest and greatest fashions are about to blow up our social media feeds. See the celeb looks that you want to emulate? Start with a good pair of shades! Check out our top 3 designer frames you can rock at any concert this summer.

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