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Can an Eye Exam Detect Other Health Problems?

Primary care doctors, eye doctors and major health organizations agree with the importance of, and emphasize the need for, annual eye exams. The good news is that the number of people in the United States who go for eye exams is on the rise. However, some Americans still believe they have no reason to visit an eye doctor if they have no vision changes. Unfortunately, this causes more harm. Eye exams help detect other health problems that are not just limited to eye diseases.

Should I Get Daily or Monthly Contacts?

Contact lenses are more convenient than eyeglasses. You do not need to worry about getting your field of vision obstructed by eyeglass frames. They cannot fog up due to changes in temperature or fall because of constant movements. You can feel a lot more confident about yourself with contact lenses on. However, most contact lens wearers wonder whether to get daily or monthly contacts.

What Are Sports Lenses/Sunglasses?

Sports lenses or sunglasses are performance eyewear. They have specific features and functions to protect your eye and vision while increasing your performance. You can get the most out of a good pair, especially if you love sporting activities.

7 Surprising Health Issues an Eye Exam Can Detect

Regular comprehensive eye exams are beneficial for eye health as well as overall health and well-being. An eye exam can help detect different health conditions in their earliest stages.

What Is the Most Common Cause of Flashes and Floaters?

Flashes and floaters are common symptoms affecting the eyes. They can be warning symptoms of severe conditions such as retinal detachment or retinal tear. Read more to find out the common cause of flashes and floaters.

What Is the Difference Between Blurry Vision and Bad Vision?

These two terms refer to a condition of the eyes. Some of their signs and symptoms are similar or vary in degree.

How Do Sports Glasses Differ From Regular Glasses?

Most eye-related injuries happen when playing sports. Therefore, wearing your regular glasses while playing sports can be dangerous. The lenses of regular glasses can shatter and cause wounds to your eyes.

Common Eye Emergencies and What to Do Next

Eye emergencies can occur at any time, anywhere. Eye emergencies could include scratches, cuts, burns, or objects in the eye. There are also certain medical conditions like glaucoma or blood clots that are eye emergencies. The conditions need immediate medical attention otherwise, they may result in vision loss.

Why Do Contacts Expire?

Contact lenses do in fact expire upon reaching their expiration dates. If you check the package before using your new pair of contacts, you will find the expiration date on the cover. Usually, contact lenses expire four years from the day of manufacture. 

Contact Lens Exams - Why Do They Matter?

Have you ever heard of or gone through a contact lens exam before? If not, you are not alone. Many people find contact lenses and contact lens exams confusing. While you may know what contacts are and how to use them, you may wonder what exactly a contact lens exam is. 

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